in early september i went for a walk to the nearby maurer wald on wanderweg 6, which passes some houses and pubs (at which you can have a beer before and after a walk – crazy…!)  it is not like the pristine parks near where i live in australia, as it crosses the ocassional roads and the backs of commercial areas, but it is great to be in some serious green so close to the big cake-like city of vienna.  it was only a short walk of 5 very slow lazy hours – the weather was lovely, everything was green, and the light was gorgeous!  life just makes so much more sense when walking in nature than it does in the chaos of big cities….

the path meanders up and down, and there are nice little wooded areas. lots of little mushrooms and cute things all over the place. : ) thoroughly recommended if you are in vienna for a while and sick of all the city shit!
for how to get there, check the vienna government site.

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