repairing things is good.

the orange glow of this heater element is gorgeous – so utterly compelling.  especially when reflected in a mirrored curve – multiplied arcs of the purest hue – tasty indeed!  i almost singed my curly eyebrows staring too closely into the heat of all that hot spiral wire….

this old bar heater had been spitting sparks and smoke for a few months, the chrome had started to peel and it was getting pretty rusty and dangerous, but now, after pulling it apart, remaking connection posts and insulators, and hand cutting and polishing a new stainless reflector, with its little Nu-Ray badge in place, it was once again the proper little hearth of modern suburbia….




there is something to be said for the plain honesty of a bar heater.  mains electrical heating may be ecologically unsound, but this little beastie will keep me warm on those rare cold winter nights in bundeena, until i get around to finding a more efficient heating method.
and repairing old things is always worthwhile in so many ways – i even save another crappy new appliance from coming into the world needlessly….

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