like a well-balanced volley between your two favourite tennis players – albeit flavour-based – you cheer for them both – they are so good together – what a match!  you want them both to win – and they can!  wow – green tea maccha white hot chocolate!!!  the sweetness is countered by the bitter tea, the soft fluid curves of the chocolate against the sharp angled bite of the maccha.  it all comes together.  blissfully.  i am not sure if it is trashy, or high class, or both, but like good sex, it doesn’t matter.


take 1 cup of decent almond milk, about 30g of good white chocolate (maybe lindt or côte do’or), 1 1/2 teaspoons of raw sugar, and 1/4 teaspoon of good quality maccha  powder.  gently warm the milk and sugar and white chocolate until almost too hot to drink.  in a small japanese tea bowl, drop in the macha, pour over the hot milk, then use a bamboo tea whisk with deft swishy motions to bring the pea-green froth to the top, making sure to dissolve any little clumps of tea powder at the bottom.  if you didn’t have a proper whisk, and were a complete heathen, you might try a bamix or something to whip it….


and please rinse the whisk straight away – i pale at the thought of dried chocolate on a bamboo whisk….  there are limits to trashiness after all.


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