over xmas i was deep in the austrian alps at elbigenalp for a lovely daggy woodcarving course (see my other post). best of all there was lots of snow and i got to explore some stunning nature….

before the snow came in heavy, i was able to walk through the forests, wandering up the mountains a good way, and after some effort, lazily laying down on a bed of pine needles, staring up through the treetops, listening to the wind and the creaking branches, and munching chocolate biscuits. little streams babbling everywhere sweetly – i gently slipped off for a little nap…. bliss. what a beautiful place.

and then the snow came! wow!!!

the forest was absolutely gorgeous to walk through once the snow came – stunning virginal whiteness that totally washed away all thoughts of human touch or dirtiness. and so quiet. totally amazing for a wide-eyed aussie coast lad.
and also saw an old boneyard of the unchristened in the local church crypt, beautiful valleys nearby, sweet simple churches and farmyard buildings with gorgeous weathered wood…. so much history everywhere.

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