the slynx is an exotic and fantastic dystopian novel written in a rich russian prose that staggers between naive fairytale and the vilest of satire.  while the language may take a few pages to normalise, its effect is profound and spellbinding.  throughout the tale’s  cruel slamming of human nature, it remains gloriously optimistic, and i have never felt so tragically despairing while giggling tears of joyful glee.  wondrous!

there is a faithful passionate surrendering to words and stories that runs through the writing.  it infects the reading and draws you in…

“You read, move your lips, figure out the words, and it’s like you’re in two places at the same time: you’re sitting or lying with your legs curled up, your hand groping in the bowl, but you can see different worlds, far-off worlds that maybe never existed but still seem real. You run or sail or race in a sleigh–you’re running away from someone, or you yourself have decided to attack–your heart thumps, life flies by, and it’s wondrous: you can live as many different lives as there are books to read…”

a captivating tale for lovers of dystopian fantasy or scifi, russian literature, or those that search for the spark of the human spirit.

read it, or read other reviews, such as from new york books

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    Thanks-a-mundo for the post. Much thanks again. Awesome. Gwyn Keary Samford

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