i spent a lovely week in elbigenalp over xmas, deep in the austrian alps, carving wood with a lovely bunch of people from all over the place – canada, holland, spain, italy, switzerland, and germany. it was great to just make something after months of being in vienna writing phd rubbish, and while i was slow and maybe spent a little too much time walking in the surrounding forest, i did make a spoon which makes soup taste pretty fucking good!

i also made a wide ammonite spiral thing and an alpaca with a cute butt….


the whole setup at the geisler moroder carving school is pretty nuts – they have everything a carver could ever need with lots of studios, all fully set up, and nice and warm when the snow is blowing outside.

i hope that the excellent people i met there keep on making great stuff! thanks heaps georg, maria, javier, enrique and eliane….

lovely time doing a daggy woodcarving week in the austrian alps over christmas with beautiful people in a beautiful place – yay!!!

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