sean o’connell –
jewellery, photography, moving film, and experiments in energy.

i am compelled to make – it is a way of making sense of the world.
the jewellery here is clean and minimal, often with moving parts, made individually by hand, from rich lush materials.
the experiments with smoke vortices, colliding boxes and spark discharges explore the edges of perception and knowledge, examining notions of boundary, identity and definition. they are part of a large body of work that forms my doctoral research shapes of edges.
other work, from the past, or of a more random nature, are shown at the back of the site.

shapes of edges

i am interested in the edges of shapes, and in the shapes of edges – the defining boundaries we draw through our perceptions.
various experiments are documented here in still images, direct and alternative photographic techniques, 16mm slow motion movie film, sound recordings, writing, and drawing. they are an on-going research into the notions of boundary and relation. smoke rings take shape in fluid motion, rolling in upon themselves, sustaining their short individual lifespans. dramatic collisions of hollow metal boxes reveal violent negotiations of force, in folds of crumpled sheet steel. electrical spark discharges arc out from the edges of objects across photographic film, revealing hidden internal structures and energetic pathways. all of these experiments arise from a deep desire for understanding that rational approaches cannot quite quench, and a sense of wonder at the beauty and freedom of natural form and motion.

perhaps we are the same person
maybe there are no boundaries
maybe we all flow into each other,
boundlessly and magnificently….

fanny and alexander, ingmar bergman

night labour in my metalwork studio in bundeena, just south of sydney, surrounded by the heathlands of the royal national park….

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