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past exhibition catalogues

some printed catalogues still available, or just click on catalogue thumbnails to view small downloadable pdfs….

      matter – 2019

the matter catalogue was a massive A2 hard-bound 180-page codex from my exhibition that surveyed 81 different materials – materials we have formed a relationship with, through use over time – imaged through spark discharges, to delve deep into the structure of matter, and see the world the way that electricity does – MAC, Hobart, 2019.

      suburban spirits – 2017

suburban spirits collected together spark discharge, x-ray, laser interferometry, and photogramme imagery, exploring the energetic remains of the family home and my dead grandparents – photoaccess, canberra, 2017, and, airspace, sydney, 2017.

      energie – 2015

energie showed spark discharge images of matter, slow motion cinematography, and kinetic jewellery all jumbled together – gaffa, sydney, 2011.

      folds – 2011

folds was an exhibition of collision research work, with rear projection, a nice subwoofer, enclosed in a heritage building hung completely with black velvet – heritage space in the rocks, sydney, 2011.

      crash – 2008

crash was the first exhibition of collision research work, showing video, sound and installation – the city art gallery, wollongong, 2008.

      fuse – 2008

fuse was a federally funded show that i curated with artists from australia, new zealand and japan, themed around issues of technology as seen through the arts and crafts – jam factory, adelaide, 2008.

      machina – 2005

machina was my first solo show, presenting kinetic jewellery and mechanised sculpture, including a 5kg vibrating bed of mercury and a small diorama using a little steam-engine to drive an alpaca to perpetually jump over a miniature fence – object gallery, sydney, 2005.

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